Japan Academic Northern Europe Network (JANET) is launched!

The Japan Academic Northern Europe Network (JANET) was launched under the leadership of JSPS and the University of Tsukuba.

JANET is intended to be a network among Japanese universities in Northern Europe. The main organizers of this network are the JSPS Bonn Office represented by Director Keiichi Kodaira, and the University of Tsukuba as represented by its President Kyosuke Nagata. JANET consists of Japanese universities and research institutions which have offices in Germany and its neighboring countries, and are interested in research collaborations with European countries. By launching this network, those universities and institutions should be able to share scientific information in Europe with each other easily.

The launching of JANET was announced on the occasion of JSPS' Japan Day in Düsseldorf. In front of many people with relations to Japanese universities and research institutions, Vice-President Caroline Benton of the University of Tsukuba encouraged the audience to join the network to enhance and stimulate the development of Japanese-European science exchange. As the administrator for JANET, the University of Tsukuba is planning to hold an event in Germany in 2016.