Faculty Members

Distinguished professors with environmental and human perspectives are waiting for you.

Professor AOKI Saburo
Prof. AOKI Saburo
Program Leader
Language and Communication Science Website
Professor TSUJIMURA Maki
Program Sub-Leader
Hydrology, Water Resources, Water Environment Website
Assistant Professor SHIMPO Naomi
Dr. SHIMPO Naomi, Assis. Prof.
Program Coordinator
Landscape Planning Website

Prof. SEKINE Hisao
Cultural Anthropology, Oceanic Studies Website

Prof. SUZUKI Tsutomu
Urban Planning, Geographic Information Science Website

Prof. ARITA Tomokazu
Urban and Regional Policies Website

Prof. HONDA Yasushi
Environmental Epidemiology with Main Focus on Health Impacts of Global Warming Website

Prof. KUNO Shinya
Health Policy Making, Sports Medicine Website

Dr. SHIBATA Ai, Assoc. Prof.
Behavioral Epidemiology, Physical Activity, Sedentary Behavior Website

Note: Students can also consult with more professors from various fields according to their interests.