Bachelor's Program in Global Issues

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Program Summary

BGPI is a four year degree program which is taught in English.
Limited to those who have a nationality of non-Japanese in 2017

The purpose of the Bachelor's Program in Global Issues, BGPI, is to provide students with basic knowledge and techniques to resolve global issues related to environmental matters and human beings. Graduates of this program can make decisions and select an optimal solution across disciplines.

At this time of globalization, we have to confront complex issues, achieve harmony between earth environment and human beings and find common grounds to create the future. BPGI trains students in decision making, critical thinking and problem solving to imagine the future and take action with a large variety of people from different backgrounds.

The degree of "Bachelor of Arts and Science" will be conferred on you when you finish the program.

What are Global Issues?

Global Issues stands for complex contemporary issues, which are related to the entire globe. These issues are intertwined with various stakeholders and phenomena, and therefore, it is not easy to solve them by using a traditional approach. Global Issues can be seen in our daily lives, and we must try to find a solution from our daily lives. For example, even a piece of bread that you have had for breakfast could highlight issues like the significant cost of energy used to import wheat, the wage and human rights issues of people engaged in production and transportation, mass disposal, and biased food distribution.

Global Issues Overview by United Nations
Sustainable Development Goals by United Nations

What Can You Learn?

You can learn about the literacy in global issues, which means that you can learn what global issues are and how you can resolve them from the perspectives of "Environment" and "Human". You will learn knowledge in both perspectives. The "Environment" fields are divided into "Global Environment" and "Risk and Security" issues. The "Human" fields are divided into "Human Health and Wellbeing" and "Social Diversity and Inclusiveness" issues. You will acquire knowledge on these four issues comprehensively and can develop specialities with your own interests.

Field Issue Specialities
Environment Earth Environment Environmental studies, earth science, geography, social sciences
Risk and Security Social engineering, comprehensive engineering, safety systems science
Human Social Diversity and Inclusiveness Humanities, social sciences, philosophy, linguistics, politics
Human Health and Wellbeing Sports science, public health, social medicine

Students will learn both perspecitves interdisciplinarily, then deepen your speciality according to your interests.

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