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COVID-19 related News 

●Information related to Novel Coronavirus Infection(COVID-19) from Immigration Services Agency (Updated)
●Information on the Novel Coronavirus Diseases (COVID-19): Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

●Information about status of residence
【Difficulty returning to their home country】
 ➡ Handling of foreign nationals who have difficulty returning to their home country or other country 

【Planning to enter Japan】
   ➡ Handling of foreign nationals planning to enter Japan  
 ➡ New handling regarding the period of validity of the certificate of eligibility 
   ➡ Application for a certificate of eligibility for (1) foreign nationals whose period of stay expired while outside of Japan and before re-entering and (2) foreign nationals whose certificate of eligibility has expired 
●Information about entry from abroad
   Phased Measures for Resuming Cross-Border Travel
 Border enforcement measures to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19)
 Application for Visa for foreign nationals eligible for Phased Measures toward Resuming Cross-Border Travel
Narita Airport: Access from the airport for passengers entering/returning to Japan 
●Information about life support for foreign nationals
A daily life support portal for foreign nationals                          


For international researchers:From arrival in Japan to returning home 


Proxy application for Certificate of Eligibility

Support for international researchers

  • Proxy application for the issue of a Certificate of Eligibility for international teaching staff, researchers, and family members in order to enter Japan
  • Promotion of mutual exchanges for international teaching staff, researchers, international students and their families, and activities for experiencing Japanese culture
  • Japanese language support through lessons con-ducted by volunteer international exchange group “Niji-no-kai (Rainbow Association),”
  • Issue of handbooks for international researchers
  • Response to inquiries from overseas and domestic institutions (universities, research laboratories, city office, etc.) and individuals concerning international exchange services, system for accepting international teaching staff and researchers, and immigration-related services


【Professor, Cultural Activities, Dependent】

International Support, Global Commons, Bureau of Global Initiatives


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Division of Student Exchange

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