Resident registration / Individual Number

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【Resident registration (moving-in notice)】  

 Persons who are issued with a residence card at their port of entry must notify their local city office in their area of their address within 14 days of taking up residence. Likewise, after moving in to a residence, it is mandatory to notify the local city office of any change in address within 14 days of relocating to another address. 

 ■Necessary document: Residence card (or passport if a residence card has not been issued)

【Individual Number】  

 The individual number (referred to as “My Number”) is a unique number assigned to all individuals registered as residents in Japan regardless of nationality. This is a system that was introduced to enable cross-checking of information concerning individuals that exists in multiple organizations in the areas of social security, taxation, and disaster response measures and to improve the efficiency of administrative procedures. Once procedures for resident registration are completed, you will receive a notification card with your individual number from the city office where you registered your address in about three weeks or so. As a general rule, your individual number is to be used for the lifetime of the holder, and a person who re-enters Japan after leaving for a temporary return to the home country will resume use of his/ her individual number previously issued. You may be asked to quote your individual number for various procedures in everyday life in Japan. Please keep your card securely.

▼ Individual Number: social security and tax number system                                                                                                             

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