Re-entry permit

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Re-entry permit

  Foreign nationals residing in Japan who intend to leave the country temporarily and re-enter Japan can do so without having to obtain a visa again by obtaining a re-entry permit prior to departure. The period of validity of a re-entry permit is limited to the holder’s current period of stay up to a period of five years. You must submit the necessary documents at the Immigration Bureau’s service desk.

■ Necessary document
 Application for Re-entry Permit / Passport / Residence card / Application fee (single entry: 3,000 yen/multiple entry: 6,000 yen)

▼ Application for Re-entry Permit

" Special Re-entry Permit System "

  As a general rule, foreign nationals who possess a valid passport and residence card may leave Japan and return within one year to resume their activities without the need to obtain a re-entry permit. This system is called the “Special Re-entry Permit System,” and no reentry fee is required at the time of re-entry. If you intend to use this system, you will need to check the relevant column in the Embarkation and Disembarkation Card for Re-entrants (ED card), and present the ED card together with your passport and residence card to the immigration officer in the departure inspection area at the airport. Although the valid period for the Special Re-entry System is one year from the date of departure, if the period of stay expires less than one year after departure, the valid period will be limited to the period of stay. A person who leaves Japan under this system cannot extend the period of validity overseas. Please be aware that you will lose your status of residence unless you reenter Japan within the valid period.

▼ Embarkation and Disembarkation Card for Re-entrants (ED card)

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