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【National health insurance】

 All foreign nationals who remain in Japan more than three months are required to enroll in the National Health Insurance scheme. This is Japan's medical insurance scheme for reducing the cost of healthcare. There are three types of schemes as described below. While members must pay a premium, they can receive medical treatment at a co-pay of 30% when visiting a hospital for medical care due to illness or injury. Furthermore, the same medical procedures are charged at almost the same rate at all hospitals. and no matter how many times they visit a doctor, the premium stays unchanged.

 Researchers who are not employed by the University of Tsukuba (including their family) must enroll in the national health insurance. Please follow the necessary enrollment procedures together with the registration of residence (moving-in notice) at your local city office. After completion of the procedure, your health insurance card will be issued. Please present this health insurance card at the reception desk whenever you visit a hospital.

 *There are treatments not eligible for the insurance so check with the hospital, etc.

 ■ Necessary document: Residence card, passport, "Individual Number"card or notice card

 *For researchers who are employed by the University of Tsukuba and affiliated with the Mutual Aid Association, there is no need to join the National Health Insurance.
 *Faculty members and employees of the University of Tsukuba are affiliated with the Mutual Aid Association.

【Healthcare welfare scheme (Marufuku)】

 This is a subsidy scheme provided by the prefecture and the city and covers children (from 0 to 15 years of age) and expectant and parturient mothers. The subsidy applies to healthcare costs for healthcare services provided by health insurance, and the co-payment for a consultation at a hospital within Ibaraki Prefecture is no more than 600 yen per day. A patient is required to assume the co-payment for up to two hospital consultations a month per hospital, but the third and subsequent consultations in the same month are free of charge.

【National pension】

 It is mandatory for all registered residents from age 20 to under 60 to join the national pension scheme, and residents are eligible to receive a “basic pension” upon retirement and death or due to a disability. Even foreigners who are residents in Japan are required to enroll in it.For further information concerning premiums and
methods of payment, etc., please contact either the Medical and Pension Division, Tsukuba City office, or the Pension Office. When you enroll in the pension scheme, your basic pension number will be issued. Please carefully store your pension book and other documents on which your number is recorded in a safe place.

 Non-Japanese who pay the insurance premium for at least six months or longer are eligible to claim a lump sum withdrawal payment by following procedures for claiming payment after leaving Japan. For more details, please refer to "National pension lump-sum withdrawal payment".

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 ・National Pension: Medical Welfare and Pension Division

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