Overseas Student Safety Managment Assistance (OSSMA)

The University of Tsukuba introduced OSSMA by Emergency Assistance Japan (EAJ) in preparation for problems including incidents, accidents, etc. at your destination when you travel overseas for education, training, internship, research investigation, academic conference, convention, etc.。

For everyone to make the most of their lives overseas, if a problem occurs during their stay, OSSMA is a service to provide appropriate support in Japanese 24 hours a day, every day.


■Difference between insurance and assistance

Insurance ⇒ Fund

  • A system whereby many people contribute to pay a premium in preparation for economic insecurity caused by an accident including fire and death and funded with that, it provides a certain amount to a person involved in the accident. Life insurance, general insurance, other insurance.

Assistance ⇒ Action

  • Placing maximum priority on human life, action will be taken to confine risks associated with international students at a minimal loss.
  • In medical care cases, local hospitals, transport, airplanes, etc. will be appropriately appointed and secured.

Notes: OSSMA offers advanced membership managed risk services while traveling overseas and is not an insurance. Medical expenses for hospitalization, medical treatment, checkup, counseling, etc., attorney's fees, and costs of professionals who handle abduction and hostage-taking will be borne by the member. Therefore, traveler's insurance is required together with this service.

See here for more details on OSSMA service contents. (PDF)

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From the application to OSSMA to service use after travel

»When our students apply to OSSMA, the submission of the Overseas Travel Notification (OTN) is required in advance. For students who have yet to submit the OTN, proceed to STEP1-① and for students who have already submitted, to STEP1-②.

»In the case our faculty members and employees join OSSMA, proceed to STEP1-②.





Registration of travel information to OSSMA LOCATOR



Use of OSSMA service


Study Abroad Insurance with OSSMA Risk Management Services, etc.


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STEP1 Application

Application deadline: 2 weeks prior to travel
(For applications after the application deadline, direct inquiries to the OSSMA office).

①Those who have yet to submit the OTN

Access OTN at https://manaba.tsukuba.ac.jp/ct/course_492362_survey (login from manaba) and proceed to application procedures for OSSMA from "Application for OSSMA". (From then on, proceed in line with the procedure in ② below).

Note: Be sure to complete this along with the submission of the OTN.

②Those who have submitted the OTN

Access the following URL and proceed to the application procedures for OSSMA after entering the login code and password.

Note: To login to the OSSMA application site, the entry of the login code and password given by our university below is required.

OSSMA application site: https://www.eaj.ne.jp/ossma

Login code: tsukuba

Password: 0016


<OSSMA application site Top screen>

■Procedure after login to the website for OSSMA application

Enter the travel period → Automatic fee calculation → Fee confirmation

Individual basic information entries → To the application content confirmation page → Receipt confirmation screen→ Agree and apply → Application receipt exit screen confirmation

Note: To faculty members and employees, enter the "Employee number" in the "Student ID number" column in "Individual basic information entries".

Receipt of application receipt confirmation e-mail (it may take 1 or 2 minutes to receive). The receipt number (OSSMA member ID number) is contained in the body of the e-mail.

Proceed to the payment procedures after choosing the payment method at the above website.

See the following PDF for details.

【Reference】Payment of fee

Schedule of fees
(+¥178 in additional fees)
Dispatch period