Preparations for Studying Abroad

Global Commons presents opportunities for information collection for students travelling overseas in various settings including overseas study, trainings, internships, etc.

Preliminary information collection is important if only to lend quality to one’s stay overseas. The method of information collection covers a broad range of topics and the overseas consultation desk where one can consult student staff with actual overseas experience and Writing Help Desk that provides support in English document preparation for overseas study, etc. are available at the Student Commons.

”Go Abroad!”, the overseas study guidebook for University of Tsukuba students, putting overseas study and training information of our university into one volume has been published and distributed on campus so should actively use an opportunity like this and seek information collection.

Know the types of overseas study and steps through overseas study

 ⇒ Overseas study and stay筑波大学へ

Describes basic items including the types of overseas study, exchange study system, and flow of overseas study. In considering overseas study, first check this page.

Know about scholarships for overs study

 ⇒ Scholarship systems for overseas study筑波大学へ

The financial plan is also an important consideration in overseas study. Scholarship information for overseas study is occasionally posted on the above page. Scholarship information off-campus, etc. is also posted on the Global Commons bulletin board, Tsukuba Information Portal Site (TIPS), etc. so check them frequently.

Know about overseas safety and risk management

 ⇒ Overseas Safety and Risk Management筑波大学へ

By no means limited to overseas study, after checking the safety information of your destination and obtaining sufficient information in the case of travel overseas, the travel is what it’s all about. Also check the procedures needed before travel in advance including the submission of the overseas travel notification.

Global Commons is in charge of the on-campus application desk of the Overseas Student Safety Management Assistance (OSSMA). Check the details of OSSMA in the following page. ⇒ Link to OSSMA page

Use of Student Commons

Student Commons

Student Commons is a venue for exchange for Japanese students and international students to make international exchange contacts on a regular basis. We hold a lot of events concerning international exchange and provide various overseas study support including orientations, personal interviews, etc. for students aiming at overseas study.

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“Go Abroad!”, overseas study guidebook for University of Tsukuba students

Go Abroad!

This is a booklet summarizing information about overseas study including overseas study to international exchange agreement partner universities, short-term overseas training programs, scholarship information about overseas study, and stories of one’s overseas study experiences. It is distributed by various academic service offices, Student Commons, etc. on campus. Refer to it for overseas study plans.

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Overseas study fairs

Overseas study fairs

Overseas study fairs are held twice a year for the spring semester and fall semester. One can directly consult faculty members and employees in charge of each university and each program and there are booths where one can hear about actual experiences from students who experienced overseas study so please join.

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Orientations and seminars


Orientations and seminars are held in regard to various overseas study, overseas short-term training, and relevant scholarships and safety management including various on-campus programs and overseas volunteer activities. Event information is published in the following website, etc. so check them frequently.

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Study Abroad Stories and Information (Under Construction)

From preparation to study abroad to effects on job hunting after return.
We are hoping to post information on some of the countries and schools where students went for their study abroad experience.

Study Abroad Experience and Information

  • part 1 (Under Construction)
  • part 2
  • part 3
  • part 4
  • part 5
  • part 6

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The University of Tsukuba conducts the TOEFL ITP test for 1st year and 3rd year students. Related courses are also open to try to improve the level. Aim at determining your command of English and improving language proficiency and take full advantage.Here,we will introduce the English subjects conducted in the Center for Education of Global Communication (CEGLOC).

TOEFL ITP This is a group program where students go in for an answer sheet examination composed of 3 sections of listening, structure, and reading. The score is assessed from 310 to 677 points. Our university conducts the TOEFL ITP for 1st year and 3rd year undergraduate students (everyone) and graduate students (applicants).
TOEFL Practice

For TOEFL, the universally accepted English proficiency examination, this is a course to develop the ability to study with a focus on listening, grammar, and reading and carry out one’s academic agenda, aiming to improve the level in the TOEFL ITP conducted by our university. The level is set by score in the TOEFL ITP.
The course is open in the spring BC modules and fall BC module.
Details on the registration method, etc. will be posted.

TOEFL Academic English This is to cultivate the ability to communicate for logical presentations or discussions and academic writing skills in a one-week intensive program in which one’s own opinion gets sorted in logical paragraphs and put into an essay or paper by critically gaining one’s own accord and other opinions in the academic field.
The course is open in the spring C module, summer recess, and spring recess.
Details on the registration method, etc. will be posted.


TOEFL Orientation A lecturer from CIEE, the Japanese secretariat for TOEFL will be invited and requested to explain the outline and types of TOEFL, difference between TOEFL and TOEIC, etc. This will be conducted several times in the spring semester and fall semester.
Learn more about the schedule and details at the CEGLOC website.

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