Steps to Studying Overseas


Overseas study needs preparation for a year or more.
Additionally, the call from partner universities only comes once every year.
It is important to collect information ahead of time to avoid missing out on a great opportunity.

1. Planning and information collection

  • Consult with your family
  • Overseas study plan, clarification of purpose (when, where, and what to study)
  • Keep studying English necessary for overseas study


2. Consult with your academic advisor and homeroom teacher → Check partner university information

  • Inform your desire for student exchange
  • When is it alright for student exchange?
  • What happens to credits earned at the University of Tsukuba before and after student exchange?
  • What is the career direction after returning to Japan?


3. Consult with the exchange coordinator

  • Further details about the university
  • Steps to the determination of student exchange (travel period and application period)
  • Confirmation of the necessary language ability
  • Check the necessary documents to be submitted


・・・When the overseas study destination is determined・・・


4. Student exchange application, application form preparation, filing

  • Submission of necessary documents to exchange coordinator in charge at the desired partner university
  • Selection by the exchange coordinator
  • Submission of application form to the partner university


5. Enrollment approval and enrollment procedures

  • Get a "letter of acceptance", "Certificate of Eligibility for Resident Status", etc. from the partner university
  • Submission of necessary documents to the partner university
  • Note: "Class and course registration", "application for student residence hall", etc. which vary according to the overseas study destination.


6. Travel procedures

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Airline ticket
  • Insurance
  • Foreign currency, remittance procedures
  • Submission of ORRnet (to Japanese diplomatic establishments abroad)

☆ Never forget to submit the "Request to study overseas" and necessary documents to the academic service office by the prescribed date.