Types of Overseas Study

Overseas study is divided into various categories and all have their distinctive characteristics.

1. Student Exchange
The University of Tsukuba has agreements on student exchange with universities, etc. around the world.
Student exchange is to mutually accept and dispatch students in universities and partner universities based on these agreements.
For partner universities with agreements on tuition waivers, students are tuition-free in the partner universities.

2. Private Overseas Study
Basically, students locate their overseas study destination and after procedures from information collection, they go and study with the approval from the university of their choice.
Procedures, etc. for leave of absence is needed so consult with the affiliated academic service office.

3. Short-Term Language Training
・Global Commons English Training (during holidays)
・German, Chinese, Russian, and English training (during summer holidays) are also offered by the Center for Education of Global Communication.

See Go Abroad!2017, the overseas study guidebook for University of Tsukuba students for FY 2016, for more information on student exchanges, training programs, and partner universities.


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