Message From The GLOBAL COMMONS Director General

With globalization of society continuing to develop, Global Commons was established in April 2013 to provide a one-stop service not only to students, faculty members, and employees for a diversity of international exchange schemes provided by each organization of our university.

Our university has actively promoted international exchange based on the philosophy of "open university" since the establishment of our university. The University of Tsukuba also sets its missions as “create knowledge towards the resolution of global issues and develop global human resources who will lead this”. In consequence, we now have concluded 345 agreements with universities and education and research organizations in 66 countries and regions, accepted more than 4,000 international students annually, and dispatched more than 2,000 students overseas.

However, the internationalization that the global society is asking from the university is getting complex every day and it requires global human resources who can contribute to the world on all fronts. To respond to this changing needs, our university has prepared various international exchange programs, etc. in education and research. In education, international exchange programs including joint education programs, internships, and fieldwork incorporating dual degrees, certificate conferment, etc. are actively promoted at the same time as student exchanges based on existing exchange agreements which have entered the mainstream of internationalization in universities.

Global Commons is made up of the Campus Globalization Division, International Exchange Support Division, Global Staff Development Office, International Support Office, and Area Commons. The Campus Globalization Division operates the Student Commons as a forum for student exchange and Overseas Commons as a campus-in-campus office for overseas major partner universities. The International Exchange Support Division provides advice and support on acceptance and dispatch of international students by faculty members with a wealth of experience in international exchange. The Global Staff Development Office conducts a wide variety of training operations to strengthen internalization response capacity of administrative employees. The International Support Office provides support by consultations for livelihood support, holding of networking events, etc. with implementing application by proxy of the Application for Certificate of Eligibility for foreign faculty members and employees, researchers, etc. and their family members. Furthermore, Area Commons provide assistance and support in international exchange to students, faculty members, and employees at education organizations Academic Service Offices which serve as the contact with each education organization.

The global human resources sought by our university are “human resources who demonstrate flexibility in taking advantage of the diversity with strong identity and abundant expertise, develop cooperative relations beyond borders, organization, and fields, and are capable of leading global activities. We would like students of our university to acquire ability to contribute to global society by challenging international exchange programs provided by our university while in the university. In so doing, Global Commons will provide support. Our slogans are “internationalization in everyday life” and “the world is a place of learning”

Director General

BENTON Caroline F.

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