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■Go Abroad ! – Overseas Study Guidebook for University of Tsukuba Students –

Booklet summarizing information on overseas study including overseas study to international exchange agreement partner universities, short-term overseas training program, scholarship information for overseas study, and overseas study experiences.
Use them as references when planning overseas study.

Go Abroad! 2018

表 紙  
P.1-3 目 次
P.4-5 海外留学制度一覧
P.6-7 協定校への交換留学の流れ
P.8-9 Campus-in-Campus協定校への留学について
P.10-21 協定(学生交流)一覧
P.22-25 短期海外研修(平成30年度実施予定)
P.26-27 教育プログラム参加型海外留学(平成30年度実施予定)
P.28-33 留学に向けて
P.34-41 お話します!わたしの留学体験談
P.42-43 奨学金
P.44-45 安全な海外渡航にむけて
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■Overseas Safety Leaflet "7 Things to be checked when students travel overseas"

This is a leaflet summarizing precautions to be observed by students before traveling abroad.


English PDF(1MB)
Japanese PDF(1MB)

■Overseas Safety Handbook

This summarizes key consideration pre-travel, during travel, and post-travel in 1 booklet from crisis management perspective. Printed on A5 paper, please bring it when travelling overseas.

Overseas Safety Handbook

All pages PDF(4MB)

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