Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the internship program is suspended until further notice

SMRC International Internship Program in Marine Biology

Aim of the program

The program “SMRC International Internship Program in Marine Biology” is aimed at hosting international students for a short term research internship at the Shimoda Marine Research Center in the field of marine biology.


The internship can last from a few weeks to within 6 months.

Contents of the internship

Located in a small bay in Shimoda city, on the sourthern tip of the Izu Peninsula, 200km south of Tsukuba, the Shimoda Marine Research Center faces the Pacific Ocean. This region is a hotspot of biodiversity, with temperate and subtropical organisms co habiting. Researchers at the SMRC study the local ecosystems, biogeochemical cycles and, the impact of climate change and ocean acidification but also the evolution and development of marine organisms.

International students have the opportunity to undertake research under the supervision of educational staff at the Shimoda Marine Research Center. Potential fields of studies covers the areas of ecology, evolution, development and physiology of marine organisms.

The area of research should be preliminary determined through discussion with the potential host. The list of staff and presentation of their research is visible here
A certificate of completion will be given to all participants.

For enquiries, contact Dr. Sylvain Agostini:


  • Undergraduate or Graduate student
  • All students are responsible for obtaining overseas travel insurance for a duration of stay in Japan
  • Depending on the contents of the research: diving license and adequate insurance (DAN insurance)


Students are waived of bench and research fees. Food and accommodation at the Shimoda Marine Research Center are subsidized. No other fees are required but this program does not include a scholarship.