Degree Structure

Examples of final year research project titles:

- Chaotic Sediments and Their Genesis of the Ishido Formation, Boso Peninsula, Central Japan (supervised by Prof. Ken-ichiro Hisada)
- Comparison of the Structure of Mid-latitude Cyclone (supervised by Prof. Hiroshi Tanaka)
- Behavior of the turbidity current under influence of the wave (supervised by Prof. Tomohiro Sekiguchi)
- Geomorphic process variability in mountain collapses (yamakuzure) and its effects on sediment production and sediment delivery in a headwater catchment in the Southern Japanese Alps (supervised by Prof. Thomas Parkner)
- Influence of deep-seated and shallow mass movements on gully formation in the lower Mangaoporo catchment, East Coast region, New Zealand (supervised by Prof. Thomas Parkner)