Degree Structure

Examples of final year research project titles:

- Chaotic Sediments and Their Genesis of the Ishido Formation, Boso Peninsula, Central Japan (supervised by Prof. Ken-ichiro Hisada)
- Comparison of the Structure of Mid-latitude Cyclone (supervised by Prof. Hiroshi Tanaka)
- Behavior of the turbidity current under influence of the wave (supervised by Prof. Tomohiro Sekiguchi)
- Geomorphic process variability in mountain collapses (yamakuzure) and its effects on sediment production and sediment delivery in a headwater catchment in the Southern Japanese Alps (supervised by Prof. Thomas Parkner)
- Influence of deep-seated and shallow mass movements on gully formation in the lower Mangaoporo catchment, East Coast region, New Zealand (supervised by Prof. Thomas Parkner)

Please check the faculty list for the full list of potential labs.