Master's Program in Environmental Sciences

Program outline

The Waste Management Expert Course, Master’s Program in Environmental Sciences offers a set of intensive courses for international students who wish to study advanced waste management systems and policies. The Program provides supervision by an academic committee, field studies in Japan and abroad, and the opportunity to work for one of the international research projects that are carried by faculty members

Program goal

Students will acquire the knowledge and develop the skills necessary to identify the problems with current waste management systems and propose improved and integral systems so that in the future they can contribute to solving or mitigating environmental problems caused by improper treatment and management of wastes.

Target students

Students who are eager to acquire skills and knowledge on waste management systems and policies and those who are sent by government agencies are especially encouraged to join this program.

Curriculum information

  • Register 18 credits from the Fundamental Subjects (compulsory subjects) and complete at least 20 credits including Internship Study in Environmental Studies I-II (2 credits);
  • Complete at least 10 credits from the Specialized Subjects. The following subjects must be included in your selection: Introduction to Waste Management (2 credits), Solid Waste Management Systems Planning (2 credits), Electrical and Electric Waste Management (1 credit) and Environmental Risk (2 credits);
  • Credits taken from other Master programs can substitute the Specialized Subjects of this program (up to 10 credits). However in this case the student must prove the importance of those subjects for his/her Master Thesis preparation.
  • Those who want to follow this path must apply and obtain the approval in advance from the Chairperson of the Master Program (designated schedule). The following subjects are not considered Specialized Subjects of the program: Seminar, Special Research, Investigation (method), Experiment (method) and Practice.
  • To obtain the Master Degree, in addition to completing at least 30 credits, the student must also pass his/her thesis defense and final examination.