Doctoral Program in Geoenvironmental Sciences

Program Outline

The Geoenvironmental Sciences program aims at exploring the natural scientific process and the mechanism of the geoenvironmental changes from the temporal and spatial point of view, and synthetically elucidating the changing geoenvironmental conditions including the impact on human activities. This program involves human geography , regional geography, geomorphology, hydrological science, atmospheric science, geographical information science , terrestrial water cycle system and atmospheric-ocean interaction system.

The Doctoral Program in Geoenvironmental Sciences (the Master's Program in Geosciences in the Graduate School of Life and Geoenvironmental Sciences) is focused on the temporal and spatial study of the environmental conditions across the globe. This study will be conducted from the viewpoint of natural scientific processes and mechanisms. This program also deals with gaining a complete understanding of how the human environment is affected by natural scientific processes.

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The purpose of this program is to train future international researchers and highly-skilled individuals.

Tsukuba Geoenvironmental Sciences

"Tsukuba Geoenvironmental Sciences" (TGS) is an annual journal published by Doctoral Program in Geoenvironmental Sciences. ISSN:1880-6252

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Organization and Activities of the Doctral Program in Geoenvironmental Sciences for the Academic Year 2015

All articles of TGS are also archived in the open access repository "University of Tsukuba Repository"