Curriculum Information

The global environment is recognized as the common heritage of humankind and all life is dependent upon it. In the 21st century, the fate of the global environment has a critical issue in both in developed and developing countries throughout the world. To sustain the global environment, they are crucial not only to produce carbon-neutral/renewable energy resources as the countermeasures for global warming, but also to develop the effective technique and management policy for conserving the high-quality water resources. As the former target, biodiesel produced from micro-algae has called forth interest of economic and scientific actors, and the appropriate management of landscapes and water purification systems are essential for the latter target. This program aims at tackling both targets parallelly and harmonically to show the promising scenario for sustainable global and local societies.

For the future we need to train specialized technical experts and constructive researchers who possess broad perspectives on both environment and biomass energy, have a sense of responsibility for social requests, and are able to take the leadership internationally. Moreover, they can perform the frontier research on the fields related to water and/or biomass. To achieve this goal we provide the curriculum including the practical training by joining the existing project team and the internship in the world’s leading research institutes.

We conduct our program under the following education policies:

  • Create a broad curriculum that covers a wide range of specialties. This can widen the background and views of all those involved in the program.
  • To guide the selection of courses by having a course adviser system besides a multiple tutoring system.
  • In order to be accustomed to both atmosphere of private enterprise and management of project, we encourage students to join the internship and project implemented in the private enterprises.
  • We aim of training people who can work internationally. To achieve this, we encourage students to study in foreign world’ leading institutes. The entrance exam can be taken in either Japanese or English.
  • In order to train highly specialized personnel, we welcome foreign students and people who already work in society. Also for people with high capacity and ability, we encourage them to try to obtain a degree in less than 5 years of doctoral course, and train people who will play an active role in international society, as scientists and policy makers, for example.
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