Doctoral Program in Advanced Agricultural Technology and Sciences

Outline of Advanced Agricultural Technology and Sciences

Agriculture in Japan is required to realize a stable food supply, food safety, and reduction in environmental impacts while strengthening its platform and increasing its productivity. Integrated and effective promotion of the development of agricultural production technologies that contribute to the realization of these goals is strongly desirable in research fields. Therefore, research on advanced agricultural technology and sciences and cultivation of human resources who can apply these technologies to practical agriculture are needed.

This three-year independent doctoral program is operated by scientists of the National Agriculture and Bio-oriented Research Organization, which is located in the Tsukuba Academic Newtown Community, as instructors of the Cooperative Graduate School. We aim to provide research guidance to those of our students who want to develop what they have learned in the first two-year program (Master’s program) in this field. Our aim is to cultivate the human resources mentioned above and to send them into society in fields of research in Advanced Agricultural Technology and Sciences. These fields include the production and utilization of new crop genetic resources; fruit trees and ornamental flowers with new functions or applicability to environmentally friendly agriculture; field informatics systems that harmonize agricultural sciences and information technologies; crop production and management systems; and the function and regulation of animal production.