Doctoral Program in Appropriate Technology and Science for Sustainable Development

An eco-region is an environmentally harmonious activity sphere. The Appropriate Technology and Science for Sustainable Development program aims to realize the sustainable and stable society. We believe that sustainable and stable society in 21st century will be established by creating and maintaining eco-regions in which ecological cycling systems, resource cycling systems and economic cycling systems are matched and in harmony with each other. The key to this will be (1) the development of appropriate technology that integrates region-specific technology with new environment-conscious technology; (2) the development and conservation of eco-region infrastructure that incorporates appropriate technology; and (3) the development of a socioeconomic system that accepts appropriate technology and puts it to use. From this perspective, we have established three research fields and, through organic linkages between them, are trying to develop and establish of methodological systems and appropriate technology for sustainable regional development, both within Japan and overseas.

The characteristic of this program is that we are trying to develop and establish appropriate technology through new ideas; it is field science that aims to build characteristic regional development systems that are unparalleled by conventional development techniques. The three research areas are Eco-regional Sphere Development Studies (seven research fields), Food Technology Development Science (six research fields), and Regional Development Economics (seven research fields); this is multidisciplinary science, with organic linkages between the diverse range of staff in the three areas. As well as studying common basic specialist subjects in these three areas, students will demonstrate their expertise by majoring in one particular area. In addition to accepting domestic students, we also actively accept foreign students, particularly those from developing countries and regions, and our educational goal is the cultivation of promising human resources who can become involved in leading-edge research and practical activities on the international stage.