We believe that from diversity comes strength.  By accepting students from many countries, we are developing a diverse student body with a broad range of life experiences.  We believe this diversity translates into a dynamic academic environment, where students learn from each other's experiences.  

The table below shows the demographic spread of students currently studying in the English program in the College of Biological Sciences.



Country Students
United States 15 students
China 9 students
Indonesia 6 students
Korea, Republic of 4 students
Bangladesh 2 students
India 2 students
Philippines 2 students
Thailand 2 students
Russian Federation 2 students
Malaysia 1 student
Brazil 1 student
Peru 1 student
Uganda 1 student
France 1 student
Finland 1 student
Singapore 1 student
Germany 1 student
Algeria 1 student
Mexico 1 student
Zambia 1 student