After Graduation

Our English program started in 2010, producing the first graduates in 2014. Although our first classes were small, we have increased the number of students every year.  We are very proud of our graduates, who are highly competitive internationally.

Enrollment year 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Further study          
- In Japan   2 1 4 5
- Overseas 1 1   3 2
-In Japan     1 1 1
-Overseas 1   1 1  

Graduation statistics

Graduation is possible for high performing students in as little as 3.5 years, ranging up to 6 years.

The following table details the data for students who commenced study in 2010 through 2014.

  Number Percentage
3.5 year 5 13%
4 year 18 46%
5 year 3 8%
Transferred program 1 3%
Withdrawal 8 21%
Students exceeding 4 years 4 10%

Graduate destinations

Graduates from the undergraduate program in Life and Environmental Sciences typically enter graduate programs, both in Japan and overseas.  Graduates have been offered places in programs at a wide range of universities, including; University of Oxford, New York University,  Boston University, University of Tokyo, UC Los Angeles, UC Berkeley, Columbia University, University of Michigan, George Washington University, Washington University at St Louis, Radboud University, LMU Munich, and Sophia University among others.

Graduate Profiles

Originally from California, Molly entered the College of Biological Sciences in September 2011, and graduated in March 2015 after 3.5 years. Her final year project was entitled "The function and expression of anthocyanin pigments in the carnivorous plant, Drosera rotundifolia" supervised by LJ Irving.