About Biological Science

The College of Biology is one of three colleges which comprise the Faculty of Life and Environmental Science. The College has around 80 academic staff, researchng and teaching a wide variety of subjects, from molecular biology, mathematical biology, plant and animal physiology, taxonomy, developmental genetics, to ecosystem ecology.

Our interdisciplinary program allows students to study a wide range of subjects in first year, with the program becoming increasingly specialized throughout second and third year. In the final year, students undertake a reseach project, where they learn the most up-to-date techniques in one of our professor's laboratories.

The College has a number of research centers, with field-work seen as a key component of our degree program. For example, during their first or second year, students can take part in a residential field course at the Sugadaira montane research center, where they will learn how to track animals in the snow, as well as learning about the physiology and ecology of animals active during the Japanese alpine winter.