Academic Objectives

This course, in which students are able to earn academic credit through classes conducted in English, aims to provide students with a firm foundation and specialized knowledge in the field of the Science and Engineering from interdisciplinary perspectives. The vision of this program is to make our graduates as a front-runner in Science and Technology, contributing substantially in realizing the next-generation smart-society.

Selection Method

Admission screening procedures consist of two selection stages. In the first stage, applicants will be screened through a comprehensive evaluation of the submitted documents. If successful, they will proceed to the second stage where individual interviews will determine the final selection of applicants.

  1. First Stage Screening
    A comprehensive evaluation of the submitted documents (qualification certificates, transcripts, certificates of English ability, test results of standardized examinations, reference letter, study plan, and other supporting documents).
  2. Second Stage Screening
    Individual interviews will be conducted for applicants who have passed the first stage screening. The interview will be used for an overall evaluation of the applicant’s English abilities, basic academic knowledge in the field of specialization, and desire to contribute to the Bachelor’s Program in Interdisciplinary Engineering.