Tsukuba Model United Nations

In our increasingly interconnected world, the role of international organizations have become much more important for interstate diplomacy.

Model United Nations, or MUN, is a simulation of the real United Nations in which students learn to negotiate, debate, and be diplomatic while discussing real issues that affect today’s world. Universities from around the world participate in these MUN conferences and the University of Tsukuba is no different.

The Tsukuba Model United Nations group formed in 2013 and has participated in several conferences in the United States, notably one of the largest MUN conferences in Washington DC. Our group, which consists of students from a wide range of countries and backgrounds, has grown in just a few years to become a symbol of Tsukuba’s unique international culture and is proof that people around the world can put aside their differences and come together to solve the world’s problems.

Conference History

  • NMUN•DC 2013 - Washington DC, USA - Represented Mauritius
    Delegates: Georg von Fingerhut, Miki Kuwabara, Adjepong Eric Kwarteng, and Pynchon Woo
  • NMUN•NW 2014 - Portland, Oregon, USA - Represented Botswana & Turkey
    Delegates: Ariana Han, Ana Kanaoka, Sae Kobayashi, Ryosuke Sawayama, Jason Thompson, and Dali Ugboma
  • NMUN•DC 2014 - Washington DC, USA - Represented Bulgaria
    Delegates: Ariana Han, Parvina Pasilova, Jason Thompson, Juju Ugboma, and Issei Watanabe
  • United Nations MUN Workshop - Tokyo, Japan
    Delegates: Ariana Han, Sae Kobayashi, Parvina Pasilova, Jason Thompson, and Juju Ugboma
    This workshop was hosted by the United Nations Department of Public Information to promote a more realistic version of the UN in model simulations.
  • NMUN•DC 2015 - Washington DC, USA - Represented Switzerland
    Delegates: Alexandra Franco, Mark Giesbrecht, Claire Gong, Sae Kobayashi, Maria Mishchenko, Jason Thompson, and Issei Watanabe
  • NMUN•DC 2016 - Washington DC, USA - Represented Finland
    Delegates: Alexandra Franco, Ariana Han, Nicholas Nikkinen, Parvina Pasilova, Kanako Sugiki, Victor Tan, Jason Thompson, Maarten van der Plas, and Issei Watanabe

More information

If you'd like more information about our MUN group, please contact us!